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Orange Culture is a hard-hitting rock band from Roanoke, Virginia.  The band’s combination of original music and showmanship has allowed them to develop a rabid following from the ground up.  Their growing reputation has landed them opportunities to play for larger crowds, tour the northeast, and open for the likes of B.o.B, Kendall Street Company, and Floydfest 2021.  Founded in the winter of 2019, while most of the members

were still teenagers in high school, Orange Culture was spotted at their first gig at Parkway Brewery by the organizers of

Floydfest and invited to play the festival, (which finally happened in 2021 due to the pandemic). Orange Culture and fellow bands like the Snapping Turtlenecks, went on to revitalize the Roanoke Valley youth music scene, playing a

series of high-energy shows across Southwest Virginia.  


The boys in Orange Culture used their time in quarantine wisely, recording and producing their first two full-length efforts, OCCO (2021) and Fever of 1721 (2022). On so many stellar tracks, OC unleashes their signature tempo shifts and

crescendos, infusing their songs and live shows with infectious excitement. The Roanoke Valley rockers continue to prove

they’re a sum of their influences, fusing psychedelic punk, pop, new wave, and classic rock, into a potent cocktail of DIY

alternative rock.

With social media streams and views of their music and video posts numbering in the millions across their Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook pages, Orange Culture has made fans all over the United States, as well as the Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and the UK.


Orange Culture has seen its share of line-up changes since their inception amongst a homegrown roster of young talent. Landon Carder has anchored the band since 2020 with his experience and versatility, first on bass, and most recently taking over on guitar. Founder, lyricist, and lead vocalist, Griffin Boucher, who started OC in his basement when he was 16, has been the band’s constant. Boucher, who also produces, crafts meaningful stories and sings them with a passionate voice, capturing today’s youth with equal doses of heartbreak and humor. The rhythm section of Thomas Vermillion (drums), Sterling Hall (keys), and Anderson Garland (bass), lay down a steady groove and dynamic backbeat for the genre-defying band. Despite the challenging times, Orange Culture is a young band, having fun, maturing quickly, and reminding their growing fan base of a time when rock shook the world with something important to say…and may yet again.

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