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      Orange Culture is a hard-hitting rock band from Salem, Virginia. Their combination of original music, showmanship, and their unique sound allowed them to develop a rabid following of young moshers and headbangers from the ground up. Their growing reputation landed them opportunities to play for larger crowds, opening for the likes of B.o.B, Kendall Street Company, and Floydfest 2021.

      The boys in Orange Culture had used their time in quarantine wisely, recording and producing their first full-length effort, OCCO. From the opening call of Komorebi to the final disintegration of Ambition, Orange Culture pushes the boundaries of indie music in exciting ways. On so many standout tracks, including Sebastian, Softness of the Glow, Fake Non-Fiction/Salt and Liquor, and Ashes, the alt rockers proved they’re a sum of their influences, fusing pop, jam, prog, folk, and classic rock to their already potent brew of psychedelic punk.

      Founded in the winter of 2019, while most of the band members were still in high school, Orange Culture, and fellow bands like The Snapping Turtlenecks, revitalized the Roanoke Valley youth music scene, playing a series of high energy shows across Southwest Virginia.

      With social media streams and views of their music and video posts numbering over a million across their Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook pages, Orange Culture has made fans all over the United States, as well as the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, and the UK. 

          After some early lineup changes, the band settled into the rhythm section of Reid Jepson (drums) and Landon Carder (bass), who lay down a tight, steady groove and dynamic backbeat for the sonic soundscapes of guitarist Charlie Lewis. Lyricist and lead vocalist, Griffin Boucher, sings with a unique voice, writing stories well beyond his teenage years, about a generation struggling under the sun in a fragile world. On OCCO they also added horns, courtesy of 16-year-old brass phenom, Tatum Jepson. But one thing about the restless, young band is unmistakably clear...Orange Culture plays with the confidence and energy of a band out to breathe new life into Rock and Roll!


  Heyo! I’m Griffin AKA Chewtoy and I write lyrics and sing for OC. I moved to Virginia from LA in 2015 and got into music a couple years later. I found my passion for music through Rockband 4 drums, which led me to a real drum set. After meeting Charlie, I started taking music more seriously and together we created Orange Culture.

  Some of my favorite artists are Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, MF DOOM, Elliot Smith, Arctic Monkeys, and Outkast. Some of my favorite movies are obviously Cars 2, Fargo, Howl’s Moving Castle, Do the Right Thing and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Favorite TV shows would be Adventure Time, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo, and the first half of Game of Thrones. Bonus favorite things: french fries, showers over 45 minutes, Zelda, screaming and deer. DM me on Instagram if you want to talk about anime, music or just say hi :)

LEAD Vocals

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Hi! I’m Charlie (band van captain and guitar player), I was born and raised in southwest Virginia. My love for music was always a big part of my life but it took me a little while to discover that it was almost my entire life. My family came from a few different backgrounds, which exposed me to a lot of different genres that I still hold dear to my heart today. Some of which include bluegrass, classic rock, psychedelic rock, and indie. I started off my journey as a musician playing trumpet in my school band. I soon gravitated toward playing guitar and rock music. I met griffin around the same time and we spent long days and nights figuring out anything between writing, recording, or just trying to finish an entire song. Fast forward a couple of years and some transitions, we were able to make a couple of albums with some of my favorite people. I also enjoy playing red dead redemption 2 and contemplating the simulation we live in.




Hello Internet,


  My name is Lando aka The General. I am from New Marymassasippisotaishigain-ourriontanaaine Mexico Land and I play bass in the band, but I also really enjoy playing guitar.

  I have the largest collection of HotWheel cars out of all of my friends, my favorite movie is Monsters Inc, and my favorite song is Love Story by Taylor Swift. Looking forward to seeing y’all at the next show!


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  Hello, I am drummer Reid. I interchangeably go by “Tits” and “They call me blades”. I was raised by frogs in a pond and moved to what is now Virginia in 6900 B.C.E. After creating the universe I thought I would join a band because I was bored. So I hyper-evolved the humans for Orange Culture in a pocket dimension and joined the band that I created in my image. After Orange Culture becomes the first band to play on the moon, OC will go on their final world tour. On April 14th 2029, Griffin will go missing in Hokkaido, Japan. Two days later Charlie will retire and move to Albuquerque, NM. May 27th, Landon will move to Idaho and start a small farming commune. I will inevitably become Geordie Greep and work as the skinless face of Black Midi.

  Likes: Ghouls

  Dislikes: People’s knees    

  Hobbies: Magnets

  Favorite Food: Milksteak

  Thank you for being part of my inevitable dance of life.

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